Grid System Test Page: Waffle Grid

Simply enough, a page for testing Waffle Grid (a flexbox-based grid system). This is naturally a great resource for examining both use and browser support/compatibility.

Tools Used: PhpStorm

Motion & Physics Demo

A collection of several different ActionScript-based motion and physics examples.

This was an expanding test demo that I played with as time allowed for a while. All of the contained physics and motion code was hand written. In other words, this does not make use of a physics simulation library.

There are a number of otherwise undocumented features. For example, in the Magnetic Mouse demo (shown left), you can drag the anchors to reposition them.


Tools Used: Adobe Flash Professional, FlashDevelop, & FDT

Flash MatchGame

This little match/memory game is pretty straight forward.

For those ActionScripters out there, it was built with two classes. The MemoryTile class extends the MovieClip class and obviously handles tile interaction and states. The second class is the MemoryManager (a Singleton class) which sets up the game and manages the simple game logic (naturally).

As a demo, there is no timer and you can't lose. Just see how fast you can get through it.

Tools Used: Adobe Flash Professional, FlashDevelop, & FDT

Flash Clock Widget

A Flash, class-based clock widget. There are a number of similar widgets out around the web. This variation has several notable differences from the ones I've seen.

Firstly, it uses a 'Clock' class to build the clock and handle the time and animation. The class provides 2 main options: Analog or Digital. In addition, analog clocks can either use a bitmap image as their backing or have a back created using the drawing API if no image is used.

For this demo, a UI class has been added as well. This class simply creates and attaches the buttons in the demo which allows for changing the clock types to see them all.

Those interested can download a copy of the source files here.

Tools Used: Adobe Flash Professional, FlashDevelop, & FDT

ActionScript Code Sample Package

Those interested can click on the image to the left or the link below it to download a zip file with a small collection of sample ActionScript.

Included you will find the fully compilable, source files of the Clock widget above, as well as two other 'code-only' samples. The first being some sample AS3 code taken from a restructuring and rewriting of the (originally AS2) visual card database included in the MapleStory™ CD Project. The second is a small collection of classes from a flash application that I developed which loads an XML database of company employees and displays a searchable, site/floor map with the locations of all of the employees. The purpose of this collection being, to demonstrate an extremely extensible object-oriented approach in AS2 for complex Flash applications.

Tools Used: Adobe Flash Professional, FlashDevelop, & FDT

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