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Greetings & Welcome

Firstly, allow me to thank you for taking the time to look over and consider this online portfolio.

Herein, you will find a many samples of work that I have done in the past, in both employed and contract capacities. There is also a smattering of little demos and projects done just for fun and/or educational purposes. Each is accompanied by a project brief, providing a little background, some notes on requirements, and/or design goals regarding the work.

Thank you again and enjoy.

~  Tom Keen

About Me

I believe good design is about understanding. Whether a print work, a video piece, an interactive application or a game; good design requires an understanding of a product’s audience, the media and/or technology used to create it, the goals of its creation in the first place, and even the environment it will be experienced in. In pursuit of this big picture, I work hard to keep up to date on changing technologies and media. In addition, I enter every project with a commitment to discover and understand the other elements as they relate to each individual project.


Static layouts, responsive web sites, globally-localized video games... There isn't much that I haven't worked on. But, no matter the delivered format, I incorporate a passion for grids, whitespace, typography, process, and a happy target audience.


From implementation of team designs to full-cycle design, development, and maintanence. I believe that the best user and development experiences do not have to be mutually exclusive. Whatever my involvement, I bring a strong cross-discipline understanding and an ever-expanding toolbox to every project.


Successful products make end-user's happy! Whether you're making a web-site, a mobile app, or a video game; attaining your business goals requires users. That's why, from visual design to feature development, a product's audience is always at the forefront of my mind.

About This Site

The design of this online portfolio site is centered around the following tenant: "A web portfolio is intended to make available and showcase other works and products." With this tenant in mind, the site itself is treated as a shell which tries to remain understated. Its color palette is neutral to avoid influencing other work displayed within it. Similarly, animation and motion is kept to a minimum, particularly when it might affect the way that a contained project is viewed. In this way, the design of the site seeks to respect the works it contains.

If you'ld like some information about this site on the technical side, you can find listings of the technologies in use, a discussion of the build and deployment process, tools used, etc. on the "Site Details" page here.

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Process & NDAs

In recent years, it’s become increasingly standard for employers, clients, and hiring managers to want to see process materials and elements (e.g. wireframes, mockups, flows, etc.) in online portfolios. Of course, most of these materials are not otherwise publicly available and are generally the intellectual property of those previous employers and/or clients for whom they were created. Unfortunately, it is also rare to get permission to display these materials publicly.

The 'Process' section of this site is intended to provide some level of insight into both the design processes that I use and the planning and strategy materials that I produce. While I include what I can there (based on receiving permission from rights holders) those interested should be aware that I do have a larger collection of process materials that I have permission to show in controlled conditions (e.g. a personal meeting, during an interview, etc.), but not to make publicly available.

Thank you for your understanding.

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