Bottom Feeders™  —  Facebook Web Game

The Bottom Feeders™ demo above is a trimmed down version of the original Facebook game. The game itself is fully playable (though you won't be able to continue past level 5). There is no backend services support for this demo, thus all progress will be lost each time you visit this page.

Of course, the demo isn't running as a Facebook Canvas app either, so there is no Facebook integration. While the original game supported things like sending friend invites, purchasing more sandollars (the in-game economy) via the Facebook store, and displaying your Facebook friends scores on the level you're playing, these features have all been disabled in the demo.

Unfortunately, the Bottom Feeders™ Facebook game is no longer available to play (outside of this demo), but my old partners David Kern and Russ Phillips have an iOS remix available now on the Apple iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad. Thus, Bottom Feeders™ lives on.

Tools Used: Flash Professional CS5-CC, FlashDevelop, FDT, Flash Builder, IntelliJ IDEA, MonsterDebugger, Adobe Scout, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, PHPStorm, UltraCompare, Kaleidoscope, TortoiseHg, SourceTree, & Perforce (SCM).

Frameworks/SDKs Used: Adobe AIR, Apache Flex, Box2D, Starling, CodeIgniter, AmfPHP, Facebook PHP and JS SDKs

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