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There is no audio in the Bottom Feeders™ play video above, but it shows the UI for selecting a level to play and getting in to gameplay, general play, tutorial tips to help the player familiarize themselves with the mechanics, and post-play celebration and summary.

Bottom Feeders™ was an unusual take on a fishing and 'crabbing' game, with physics-based play. Players selected a world zone and level, and then used a physics driven net to catch fish and "critters", hit sharks, and manipulate underwater structures and puzzles. When a level was finished, the player was scored on how much they caught and how fast they caught it. They could then send messages to their Facebook friends, challenging them to try to beat their scores.

In addition to the game itself, most of the tools for working with audio assets, level building and editing, particle development, etc. were custom built with Flash and integrated into internal developer builds of the game environment. This allowed for strong quality control and rapid iteration.

Check out the gallery of images here, for more examples of the game's UI, as well as earlier process shots (i.e. wireframes, mockups, etc.) from work on the game, tools, and more.

Unfortunately, the Bottom Feeders™ Facebook game is no longer available to play, but my previous partners David Kern and Russ Phillips have an iOS remix/reboot available now on the Apple iTunes Store for iPhone and iPad. Thus, Bottom Feeders™ lives on.

Tools Used: Flash Professional CS5-CC, FlashDevelop, FDT, Flash Builder, IntelliJ IDEA, MonsterDebugger, Adobe Scout, Adobe Photoshop, Illustrator and Dreamweaver, PHPStorm, UltraCompare, Kaleidoscope, TortoiseHg, SourceTree, & Perforce (SCM).

Frameworks/SDKs Used: Adobe AIR, Apache Flex, Box2D, Starling, CodeIgniter, AmfPHP, Facebook PHP and JS SDKs

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