Care Manager 2Go - iOS & Android

Care Manager 2Go is an iOS and Android app that provides a native mobile experience for accessing features of the iHealthHome 'Care Navigation System.'

When I joined iHealthHome, they already had previously developed mobile apps built to serve this purpose, but they were each written using completely separate code-bases making updates laborious and time intensive. As a result, the apps were not being maintained except for the occasional major bug quashing.

To streamline development on these apps and make a lot more code reusable, the new apps were built on Cordova and Ionic. In addition to having a single code-base for the apps themselves, because they are built mainly with HTML, CSS and JavaScript these new versions are able to leverage much of the same client-side code developed for the browser-based desktop service environments with little-to-no changes.

Tools Used: Visual Studio Code, Xcode, Android Studio, Visio, Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe Experience Design (XD) & Sketch (Bohemian Coding).

Tech. & Frameworks/SDKs Used: Used: HTML5, JavaScript, CSS, SCSS, JSON, XML, AngularJS, jQuery, Cordova, Ionic, Moment.js, Grunt, and more.

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