Unit 13™  —  PlayStation®Vita Game

The Unit 13™ front-end demo located above is largely functional. You can navigate around the primary views, examine the notifications/news interface, check-out some faux leaderboard entries, and more.

Alas, you cannot actually load and play a game. But, if you have a Vita and a WiFi connection, you could download the game from PSN and play around with the trial.

Notes: Due to the disconnected nature of how the audio was handled in the game, this demo contains no ambient music or feedback sound. Also, please keep in mind that this interface was delivered via a touchscreen. Thus, there are no 'roll-over' or hover states for the buttons and other controls which you would expect with mouse interaction. Finally, the scrollable areas (in the notifications panel, leaderboards, coop games list, etc.) use verticle swiping motions; for a mouse, use click-and-drag control to simulate this.

Tools Used: Flash Professional CS5.5, FlashDevelop, MonsterDebugger, TheMiner, Adobe Photoshop and Dreamweaver,
Scaleform GFx (4.x), UltraCompare, TortoiseHg, Perforce (SCM), & Internal Tools of Zipper Interactive.

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